Big Munny

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Big Munny - Swizz Beatz Lyrics

Awh man big munny cominWooh
I've been
I be walkin to the... to the clubs, through the neighbourhoods (okay)
They all be on the same page, you know what they be sayin...Here come big munny, here come big munny
They see the watch n chain, the money ain't a thang they like
Here come big munny, here come big munny
I walk up n tha club n everybody out my name they like
Here come big munny, here come big munny
I pull up n tha block n shake tha whole shit down they like
Here come big munny, here come big munny
huh, huh, huh, two two one
I took tha king kong gorilla fuck a nigga type flow
That big bear? choke a nigga tike-do
You niggas talkin fast (but cha money movin slow)
Them niggas actin tough (but cha niggas all broke)
They like here come big munny, here come big munny
Niggas talkin shit but they ain't taking the shit from me
I be on tha block with the whole black drop
I got the cream on cream n it ain't goin stop
Cause I be cruisin in tha Lambo lookin like Rambo tank top
With the bandanna on, on
Ya'll niggas is actin tough but chu know it's on
They be yellin on tha block cuz I be bringin it on and they like...
Na, na, na, na, na, na
From tha paper everybody want a little drama
Got movie stars "wanna be my baby momma"
Imma on too? slash monsta
Just got that clerk from that chick name Madonna
My bank account say zero, zero, zero, comma
Zero, zero, zero, comma, it's my time to shine cha
Blind cha, let me remind ya
Homie I don't know u I'd blow u like some Gandha
Oh yeah, they be thinkin bout my money when i'm walkin (walkin)
They be thinkin bout my money when i'm talkin (talkin)
They ain't givin a dime for tha
Cuz I'm on the fuckin grind for tha
That's why they always sayin...If New York get tha (big munny) Atlanta get tha (big munny)
It don't matter where you from you stay on your grind
See you keep gettin (big munny) Swizz Beatz (big munny)
When I in da club I make it rain on yo ass
Like I brought my child (big munny) I brought him to the (big munny)
One day you could be broke and break over a pocket full of God damn
(Big munny) how he get tha (big munny)
It don't really matter as long as where you are, they say...

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